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About Tony Yashar

About Tony Yashar
Continued Education
Aside from his Associate credits in Real Estate and Bachelor's of Science in Business Management, Tony Yashar continues to advance his academic learning through post-graduate certifications.
Training and Leadership
As a field expert with over 15 years of experience in B2C / B2B relations through realty, accounts management, and team leadership, Tony Yashar offers a wealth of knowledge and skills among a vast spectrum of industries. This enables him to coach and train teams and individual startups towards client relation strategies.
Sports Media
Tony Yashar's sports media experience is infused with hosting and guest commentary opportunities.

With initiatives to revive his cherished sports vlog vocation, Tony remains active in daily athletic news and the latest press releases.
Athletic Coach
Notably recognized for his retired football and boxing activities, Tony Yashar is known for his community dedication towards coaching youth programs and adult defence strategies. He is currently fulfilling international requests and travels overseas.
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As your future content developer and team leader, I look forward to learning more about your project needs. Please contact me online. Thank-you.

- Tony Yashar

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